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During this stay at home time Marianne is pleased to offer on-line classes, 1-2-1’s and workshops.

We can connect through Zoom, messenger or whatsapp. 

Plus you will be invited to join the Patchwork on-line Training facebook group where you will find lots of videos, helpful tips and be able to upload your videos and receive feedback.  Also have conversations with lots of other people doing the same classes.

Please see the relevant pages:

Canine Conditioning on-line course »

Puppy on-line course »

Reactive dog on-line course »

Agility Foundation on-line course »

Scentwork on-line course »

more classes to be added soon.

If you have a specific request then please let me know.

Please email or call 07949 786255

I look forward to seeing you all and helping you build on the relationship you already have with your dog.

Take care and stay safe.