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Canine Conditioning


Licensed Instructor
Marianne Tembey

Marianne is a Canine Conditioning Licensed Instructor having qualified at the Canine Conditioning Academy instructor course. Marianne also attends follow up training courses to ensure that she is up to date with the most recent scientifically proven exercise and stretching programmes.

Marianne is pleased to be able to offer Canine Conditioning Classes, one to one’s and workshops. These promote total fitness and safe conditioning at all life stages for your dog. We train for flexibility, balance and coordination which in turn improves performance.

All breeds, ages and ability are very welcome.

We help your dog to develop strength from the inside out. Too many injuries can be directly linked to a weak core. This is due to over development of the superficial muscles which then results in the under development of the deep core muscles.

Marianne will assess your dog and work with you through the foundation course.

Does your dog move correctly? Do you know the importance of warming up and cooling down? Does your dog have poor posture? Is he prone to injury? Does he seem clumsy?

Then a Canine Conditioning course is for you and your dog.

Starting with the foundation course then move onto the intermediate and then onto the advanced.

Marianne has taken her collie Merri through foundation, intermediate and advanced and has seen a huge change in her posture, flexibility, strength, mental, coordination and Merri is now an all round much more confident dog.

Please either email, fill out the website callback, or phone her on 07949 786255 to find out more about this fantastic new opportunity to help your dog develop strength from the inside out, become a fit, healthy, balanced dog. Help them to get the best out of life and reach their full athletic potential.