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Agility Foundation on-line course

Agility is a great sport for you and your dog.   But before you can get your dog around an agility course we need to teach them the foundation exercises.

These exercises will prepare you and your dog to become physically and mentally ready to have FUN with agility.

Dogs of all ages can do this course as we will not be asking them to go over jumps or weaves or do anything that will cause any problem with their growth.

Marianne will give you exercises that you can do in your home or garden.

Teach them how to do a hand touch, how to walk or run beside you (but staying on the same side).  

Practise your wait  - this will really help when you are ready to do a full course.  

Work on their proprioception, balance and focus.  We need your dog to be able to listen to your body language so there will be no need for you to keep giving verbal commands.  Sometimes a problem for some of us…..

Build up their strength and fitness.   

We will interact via video calls so you can ask questions and practise the exercises so I can see your progress.

A 5 week course is £60 payable by bank transfer.    This will be 5 sessions at a time to suit you and will be for about 30 minutes each time.   Plus I will give you homework to practise.    You can video this and pop it onto the private Patchwork on line training facebook group or message/email them to me.  I will then give you feedback on your progress.

Please email or call 07949 786255 for more info and a booking form.

I look forward to welcoming you to this fabulous course.

Take care and stay safe.