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Reactive dog on line course

All dogs are reactive – but some just need help to learn how to stop lunging, barking and/or behaving in an unacceptable way.

This course will help you to build trust between you, build on the focus your dog gives you and generally make life so much more pleasant.

It is no FUN walking your dog if you are constantly afraid that another dog/person may approach or you cannot let your dog off lead as his recall is not great. 

Marianne will help you teach your dog how to change from high arousal to being calm.    Train foundation and emergency default behaviours.

Learn how to keep your dog safe.  Understanding your dogs threshold.

Benefits of using the clicker.  (you can always use a clicker word)

We will be working with you and your dog on your own (due to the circumstances at this stay at home time)  but everything we put into practise will greatly help when you start getting closer to other dogs or people.    At our normal class we always give each dog their own space until they can cope with another dog/person being in the room.   There is so much to teach your dog that can be done in your own home.

This is a 6 week course of 30 minute sessions.    The cost is £90 payable by bank transfer.   At the end of each session I will give you homework.  You can video this and either pop it onto the Patchwork on-line training facebook (private) or email/message it to me.    Then I will give you feedback.

Please email or call 07949 786255 for more info and a booking form.

I look forward to welcoming you to this course.

Take care and stay safe.