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Treibball is a new sport which is great fun for both you and your dog. A bit like playing football but you do not need to do any running. All ages of dogs and people are able to participate in this growing sport. Suitable for all breeds.

Both you and your dog start off at one end of the pitch and then your dog has to do an outrun (be sent around the exercise balls) to collect and then drive one of the large exercise balls back into the goal, until all the balls have been gathered and pushed into the goal area.. In competition you are allowed 15 minutes.

As Treibbal is a positive-reinforcement sport Patchwork Training are very happy to now run 'Introduction Days' and classes.

We will go through the exercises required to teach your dog how to 'do an outrun' and how to 'nose push' the ball into the goal. Later on when this training is in place then we can be more advanced and teach your dog how to select which ball to bring back.

You as the handler and your dog will become a team that will work together as you communicate effectively and achieve the task of getting all the exercise balls into the goal in whatever order is required. All within the time allowed.

The only direction you are allowed to give your dog is via hand signals, voice or a whistle. So training is all important to achieve this.

No equipment is required as Marianne will provide everything, but if you use a clicker then please do bring it to class with you. There is no physical stress on the handler but we will build lots of energy and excitement into classes so that your dog will really have lots of FUN. It will also help build a great bond between you and your dog.

Please call Marianne to check when the next "Introduction Day" is being held.

Treibball Introduction

Date: Sunday 16th August 2015
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Venue: Low Farm, Easton Maudit, Northamptonshire
Fee: Handler Fee: Non refundable £50 per person and one dog
         Spectator Fee: Non refundable £20 per person no dog
About Treiball:
TREIBBALL is an exciting new sport for you and your dog to enjoy. This course will start you both on your journey to have FUN whilst learning all about Treibball. Treibball originated in Germany and is a positive-reinforcement sport. Both dog and handler need to work as a team (with the dog doing all the running while you stand by the goal). Build up the bond between you both while learning how to teach your dog to 'nosepush' a large exercise ball into a goal. Also how to send your dog out behind the balls. All breeds and ages very welcome. No previous experience necessary as we will cover all the exercises needed. If you use a clicker please bring it with you. Marianne will provide everything else required. Attendance certificates will be given.

Refreshments will be provided but please bring lunch. We will be in an indoor riding school so please be aware there may be horses outside.